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February 2020 Newsletter

February 2020 Newsletter

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The main feature this month is an analysis of the trends in the world barley and sorghum industries.

There are 15 GRAPHS included in this main analysis, these being:

World Barley Production & Use since 2000
World Barley Areas & Yields since 1980
World Barley Stocks since 1980
World Barley Trade since 1980
World Barley Consumption Trends since 1980
Australian Barley Prices since 2010
EU Barley Trends since 2000
Barley Production by Other Main Producers since 2000
Russian Barley Trends since 1988
Russian Imports & Exports since 1988
Ukraine's Barley Trends since 1988
Canada's Barley Trends since 1980
Australia's Barley Trends since 1980
World Sorghum trends since 1981
World Sorghum Uses since 1981
Sorghum Production by Main Producers since 1991
World Sorghum Trade since 1981

ECONOMIC OVERVIEW discusses the best and worst possible outcomes of the coronavirus outbreak.
Massive uncertainty about its effects on the world economy in the medium to long term is showing in the increasing panic by world investors.

An "Interesting Trend" on page 7 looks at the current trend in Bitcoin prices including a graph of the Bitcoin price in US$ since 2014.

The newsletter also brings you up to date with the latest developments in the price of the major agricultural commodities as well as comments on general trends in the world economy.
These updates all include up to date GRAPHS which cover price movements over the last 12 months unless otherwise stated.

These GRAPHS include:

Australian Bond & Bill Interest Rates
US$/A$ Rate (daily)
CRB Index (daily)
US KC Wheat Futures in A$/tonne terms
US Soybean Futures Price in US cents/bushel
US Corn Futures Prices in US cents/bushel
Wool Price Indices for EMI & Northern Indicators
US Cotton Futures Prices in US cents/lb and Aust cents/lb on a weekly basis
US Cattle Futures Prices for Feeder and Live Cattle

WORLD ECONOMIC INDICATORS brings you up to date with some of the major indications of and trends in the world's economic health.

This Newsletter provides an excellent overview of the recent trends in many areas of world agriculture.