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Brazil's Agriculture Analysis - June 2019

Brazil's Agriculture Analysis - June 2019

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The Analysis is a 9 page .pdf report with ample graphics and commentary which will enable the reader to capture the key developments in most of the major agricultural commodities in Brazil as well as understand their position in world trade for those products.

There are 24 GRAPHS in the analysis as follows:

Top 6 Countries Soybean Production Trends since 1997
Map of Brazil's Cerrado Area
Brazil's Soybean Production by State
Brazil's Production, Consumption, Exports and Stocks since 1988
World's Main Soybean Exporter's Exports since 1997
Soybean Yield Trends in USA, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay since 1997
Brazil's Corn Area & Yield since 1981
Brazil's Corn Production, Consumption & Exports since 1991
Brazil's Coarse Grain Production, Consumption & Exports since 1992
Map of Brazil's Sugar Cane Areas
Brazil's Sugar and Ethanol Production since 2006
Brazil's Cattle Numbers Trends since 1988
Brazil's Beef Production, Consumption and Exports since 2000
Brazil's Beef Production and Consumption since 1990
Brazil's Foot & Mouth Disease Free Zones 2019
Beef Export Trends from India, Brazil, Australia & US since 1982
Brazil's Pig Meat Production, Consumption & Exports since 1990
Brazil's Consumption per person of Chicken, Beef and Pig Meats since 1990
Brazil's Production, Consumption & Exports of Poultry Meat since 1990
Brazil's Total Consumption of Poultry, Beef, Pig Meat, Fish & Sheep & Goat Meats since 1990
Brazil's Cotton Production, Consumption, Stocks, Exports & Imports since 1981
Brazil's Coffee Production, Exports, Consumption & Stocks since 1999
Brazil's Rice Production & Consumption since 1990
Brazil's Production & Exports of Soybean Meal and Soybean Oil since 1990

Brazil has significant potential to continue increasing its agricultural production and exports and will, no doubt, realise this potential.
Brazil will thus continue on its path to become an even greater and key agricultural powerhouse of the world.