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Why should I Consider Paying for this Information?

During our lives we pass our early years receiving a formal education then progress to a job or profession or business. Our learning then often comes from “learning on the job” which may be challenging but may not lead to any continuing improvement in our abilities or motivation unless we continue to do the “hard yards” as we did during our formal education years.

We often tend to slip into and perform within our “comfort zone”. You can test out this likelihood on your associates or friends (without destroying your relationships) by observing their reaction to the introduction into a conversation a subject that they may not be familiar with.

For instance, posing a question during a lull in conversation such as “What do you think of China’s Belt and Road Initiative?”  If this starts an animated discussion then your group is well informed and interested in what is happening in the broader world.

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Often conversations tend to drift around each person’s life experiences and not on subjects that are of far greater importance and interest. The point made here is that we often dismiss the hard slog of learning something new as it generally requires more time and concentration than absorbing much of the less than useful information that is put in front of us daily.

How many of us have a real knowledge of all the policies of our major political parties which can only be found by reading their detailed policy statements. Even I must admit I am somewhat deficient in this regard.

My career was based on agriculture and improving the performance of operators in the industry through education and extension activities. This is a passion that has not left me since full time employment and so I continue to examine the trends in our major agricultural industries and offer my analyses and comments to you for a small subscription fee.

Only you can decide if you want a slight challenge outside your comfort zone or not.

I assure you that you will discover, by studying my analyses, many aspects of world agricultural commodities that you will not find in the popular press. Take your first step and check what is available at: