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"I wish to give you my wholehearted endorsement. The information you produce is a valuable and relevant resource and should reach as many people as possible. As a librarian I know that credible, timely and in depth information is often difficult to find and I believe that other libraries will benefit from a subscription to your service." - Christina Belli, Librarian, Marcus Oldham College, Victoria

"Of all the Agricultural newsletters, John's had a superior understanding of world trends and a better analysis of individual commodities and their impact on farm profitability." - Farm Consultant, New South Wales

"I have been a subscriber to Analysing Agriculture for some years now.  It is one of very few publications that I allow into my office.  I prize Analysing Agriculture very highly and reflect on your opinions at some length." - Farm Manager, Western Australia

" . . . and was most impressed by the quality of your work." - Academic, USA

"A most interesting and revealing study of the current 5 year prospects for the world wheat industry." - Farmer, South Australia

 "I prize Analysing Agriculture very highly and reflect on your opinions at some length." - Agricultural Adviser, Western Australia

 "You produce excellent material for our readership - and I feel sure that as incomes creep back, more of them will feel able to spend a bit more on being better informed." - Editor, Rural Programme, United Kingdom

 "It provides the best overview of the world market analysis for Canola that I have seen." - Professor, School of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Western Australia

 "I've got to congratulate you on the Newsletter generally. I find it excellent . . ."  - Grazier, Queensland

 "Analysing Agriculture July 04, well done, up there with the best of the best." - Grazier, Victoria

 "Thanks, a useful analysis for reference." - Academic, United Kingdom

 "Look forward to receiving more of your analysis." - Farmer, South Australia

 "We continue to enjoy and value Analysing Agriculture.  You have certainly helped shape our business and aided in the success that we believe it is, providing a satisfying and secure future for our family." - Farmer, New South Wales

 "Terrific John, thanks, you know how highly I value this service." - Academic, Victoria

 "Thanks very much John - I will certainly spell out clearly where I get this wonderful data." - Academic, Victoria

 "Thanks for putting pen to paper in this important area. It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the happenings and you have broken it down to a very logical framework of thought and thus added greatly to 'longer term' understanding." - Government Beef Officer, New South Wales

 "What a vibrant edition! I found it thrilling to read - and have done a short piece with your intro and initial discussion about the oilseed rape." - Agricultural News Editor, United Kingdom

NB  New website title has been changed from ANALYSING AGRICULTURE to AGRICULTURE ANALYSED.