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How You Will Benefit

By following the relevant analyses you will:

enhance your reputation as an expert in your field of interest

develop an in-depth knowledge of trends in each industry of interest

improve your ability to service clients in agriculture through any extension or teaching medium

be far better equipped to answer questions on agricultural trends

develop an improved capacity to anticipate surpluses and shortages in world agriculture

The CEO of AGRICULTURE ANALYSED, Emeritus Professor John Chudleigh, was awarded his Emeritus Professorship by The University of Sydney, Australia, for his contribution to agriculture through teaching and extension work across Australia. Since retirement, John has continued to direct the provision of analyses of the structure and trends in world agriculture that are up to date and relevant to all who have an interest in the major agricultural commodities.

AGRICULTURE ANALYSED’s aim in producing these analyses is to enable students as well as those closely involved in agriculture to develop a better understanding of the structure of world agriculture, the distribution and size of each industry in various countries and the trends in production, consumption, exports, imports, areas harvested, yields and stocks of the major commodities in those countries and in the world in total. These special analyses and reports are provided through the Catalogue.

The following are a sample of the types of questions these analyses can answer:

At what rate are world corn yields trending higher?

What are the major crops produced in Brazil and the trends in production of each?

What stocks of corn does China hold and why is it so large?

What is the total area of the major field crops and what potential is there to increase this area?

What are the trends in beef production in the major beef exporting countries?

What is the difference between production and consumption of grains in China and is this increasing?

Are world average yields and areas harvested increasing at a rate fast enough to feed the increasing population?

What are the trends in canola (rapeseed) in Canada, the world’s major producer?

Why does the European Union seem to be developing a grain deficit again?

There are many interesting trends that can be uncovered by close and careful analysis of the data. Current readers and subscribers value our products. (See Testimonials)

You can download free samples of three of these analyses/reports from this website on the page Free Downloads or each one direct by clicking the following links: (Australia Beef & Cattle Analysis - October 2016Wheat World Analysis - May 2018December 2016 Newsletter)

AGRICULTURE ANALYSED also provides a subscription service to the analyses and to the monthly newsletter which has been in production for over 30 years and is known as ANALYSING AGRICULTURE. The subscription alternatives can be found at: