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About the CEO


Emeritus Professor John W Chudleigh   

John Chudleigh, agricultural evangelist and CEO of AGRICULTURE ANALYSED, has been writing and commenting on trends in agricultural commodities and management systems for over 30 years. 

He has wide recognition in Australia as a guest speaker at many farm and agricultural management conferences and seminars. 

John retired as Principal of Orange Agricultural College - the Faculty of Rural Management, the University of Sydney, Australia, Orange Campus in early 2000. In his academic career he specialised in farm management, farm finance, marketing, agricultural commerce and on developing international relationships designed to help student understanding of international trade. He was awarded the title of Emeritus Professor by the Senate of the University of Sydney in 2001.

 He is particularly well regarded for his analytical newsletter ANALYSING AGRICULTURE, which has been in production monthly since 1989, and his analyses of world and specific country trends in the major world agricultural commodities.

John's interests included regular speaking engagements at rural and regional conferences, with an emphasis on world trade in agriculture and agribusiness and in the adjustment processes occurring as world markets develop. John was awarded a Centenary Medal in 2000 by the Australian Federal Government for his past services to agriculture and regional development.

In addition to these roles, John is highly regarded in Australia's Federal Government circles. In 1999 John was appointed by the Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Regional Services to Chair the Steering Committee following the Regional Australia Summit. John was Chairman of the Australian Federal Government's Regional Solutions Programme Advisory Committee for 3 years and was previously a member of that Government's Rural Finance Task Force.

John has retired from a family farm on the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia, on which he and his family were involved in cattle production.  Many of the photos on this site were taken on John's property.

He is CEO of OFI Management Pty Ltd, which trades as ANALYSING AGRICULTURE and AGRICULTURE ANALYSED, and is the author of many of the analyses as well as the monthly 12-page newsletter.

John commenced producing the newsletter ANALYSING AGRICULTURE after spending 12 years as a Farm Management Consultant (prior to becoming an academic) and realising that there was a lack of well researched analytical material available for the various agricultural industries. His writings are thus directed at providing more than just data in that they include his analyses, his opinions based on a lifetime of experience and some common sense suggestions.